Özgür Esentepe

September, 2015


I am a PhD candidate in my fourth year at the University of Toronto and I work with Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz. During my time in University of Toronto, I have been exposed to several awesome areas of my taste including representation theory of algebras, noncommutative algebraic geometry, mirror symmetry, matrix factorizations and so on and I like walking on the bridges between them. I like the kind of mathematics which can talk about Platonic solids, finite subgroups of SL(2, C), Dynkin diagrams, Lie algebras and Kleinian singularities at the same time or the kind which can relate the bounded derived category of coherent sheaves on a projective space and representation theory of finite dimensional algebras. During the summer of 2017, I plan to learn more about cohomology annihilators.
This is a preprint of my studies on cohomology annihilators. It is available on arxiv.


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Good Read

Here are some pieces which I enjoy(ed) reading.

-Recette du Kimchi by Alexander Grothendieck (French).
-A Mad Day's Work: From Grothendieck to Connes and Kontsevich - The Evolution of Concepts of Space and Geometry by Pierre Cartier.
Today's Menu: Geometry and Resolution of Singular Algebraic Surfaces. by Eleonore Faber and Herwig Hauser.