University of Toronto's
Symplectic Geometry Seminar

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Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title and abstract Lunch venue
Jan 11
Dezhong Chen
Construction of conformally compact Einstein manifolds
the new Thai place
Jan 18
Matthias Franz
Homotopy Gerstenhaber algebras and toric topology
Simon Sushi
Jan 25
Doug Park
Geography of symplectic 4-manifolds
the new Thai place
Feb 1
after the talk the speaker will give an inofficial talk in BA6180
Joseph Johns
Lefschetz fibrations on cotagent bundles and Fukaya categories
Simon Sushi
Feb 8
Tatyana Foth
Varieties of complex Lie algebras
the new Thai place
Feb 15
Family Day, University closed
Feb 22
David Spivak
Mar 1
Fabian Ziltener
Leafwise Fixed Points, Exotic Symplectic Structures, and Relative Hofer Diameters
Simon Sushi
March 4, 2:10 pm
(Unusual time and date)
Nigel Higson
A C*-algebraist looks at [Q,R]=0
Mar 8
no talk
Mar 15
Mark Hamilton
Toric degenerations and quantization of toric manifolds
Simon Sushi
Mar 22
Brendan McLellan
Eta-invariants and anomalies in U(1)-Chern-Simons theory
Mar 29
Andrew Dancer
Ricci solitons
end of the semester
Apr 19
Alberto Cattaneo
Reduction via Graded Geometry
Apr 26, 11:30
(Unusual time)
Henrique Bursztyn
B-fields, quantization and Morita equivalence

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