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The symplectic geometry seminars are held Mondays 3:10--4:00 PM in SS Room 2128.
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Friday, August 11
11:10 AM
Alfonso Gracia-Saz
Keio University
The symbol of a function of an operator
Monday, September 11
2:10 AM
Romaric Pujol
Bidynamical Poisson Groupoids
Friday, September 15
3:10 PM
John J. Millson
University of Maryland
The toric geometry of triangulated polygons in Euclidean space
September 25
2:10 PM
Tatyana Foth
University of Western Ontario
Toeplitz operators and the semi-classical limit
October 2
3:10 PM , SS 2128
Emanuela Petracci
University of Toronto
a formula for Gorelik's invariant
Wednesday, October 11
2:10 PM (Special symplectic seminar)
Matthias Franz
University of Geneva
Exact cohomology sequences for torus actions
October 16
2:10PM,BA6183 (Joint Symplectic/Applied Mathematics Seminar)
Victor Ivrii
University of Toronto
Magnetic Schrödinger Operator: Geometry, Classical and Quantum Dynamics and Spectral Asymptotics
October 23
3:10 PM, BA6183 ( Joint Symplectic/Dynamical Systems Seminar)
Sergei Tabachnikov
PennState University
Spaces of pseudo-Riemannian geodesics and pseudo-Euclidean billiards
October 30
3:10 PM
Gabi Ben-Simon
Tel Aviv University
The Nonlinear Maslov index and the Calabi homomorphism
November 6
3:10 PM, SS 2128
Shengda Hu
University of Montreal
Extended equivariant cohomology
November 13
3:10 PM, SS 2128
Brett Parker
Exploded Torus Fibrations
November 20
3:10 PM, SS 2128
Sam Payne
Stanford University
Integral cohomology of singular toric varieties
November 27
3:10 PM, SS 2128
Matthieu Willems
University of Toronto
a Chevalley formula in equivariant K-theory
December 4
3:10 PM, SS 2128
Peter Spaeth
Penn State University
\lambda - homotopy and Floer homology