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Spring 2005

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The symplectic geometry seminars are held Mondays 2:10--3:00PM in SS 5017A.
Symplectic Lunches: We go to lunch at Sylvester's Cafe on Mondays right before the seminars. We meet at 12:30PM in front of Lisa Jeffrey's office (SS 4093). Please join us.
Jan 3
2:10 PM
Nan-Kuo Ho
Fields Institute
** postponed **
Jan 10
2:10 PM
Rebecca Goldin
George Mason University
Jan 17
2:10 PM
Alexander Yong
Fields Institute
Enumerative formulas in Schubert calculus: problems, theorem, and conjectures
Jan 24
2:10 PM
Nan-Kuo Ho
Fields Institute
On the space of surface group representations
Jan 31
2:10 PM
Eckhard Meinrenken
U of Toronto
Poisson Lie groups and the Gelfand-Zeitlin system
Feb 7
2:10 PM
Juan-Carlos Alvarez
Polytechnic University Brooklyn
Geometry of curves of Lagrangian subspaces and connections for convex Hamiltonian systems
Feb 14
Feb 21
2:10 PM
Chenchang Zhu
ETH Zurich
Stacky Lie groupoid and Lie theory
Feb 28
2:10 PM
Martin Pinsonnault
Fields Institute
Maximal tori in the group of Hamiltonian automorphisms of 4-manifolds
March 7
2:10 PM
Marco Zambon
U. of Zurich
Prequantization of Poisson manifolds and their symplectic groupoids
March 14
2:10 PM
Greg Landweber
University of Oregon and Fields Institute
Kirwan surjectivity for K-theory
March 21
2:10 PM
Eli Hawkins
University of Western Ontario and Perimeter Institute
Obstructions to noncommutatively deformed geometry
March 28
2:10 PM
Zhiqin Lu
UC Irvine
Analytic torsion on Calabi-Yau threefolds
March 28
** 3:10 PM **
Stefan Nemirovski
Steklov Institute
Symplectic geometry and several complex variables
April 4
2:10 PM
Augustin Batubenge
*** Cancelled ***
April 20
1:10 PM
Dana Fine
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Hilbert's TOE (Theory of Everything)
May 11
1:10 PM
Tamas Hausel
University of Texas, Austin
Arithmetic harmonic analysis, Macdonald polynomials and the topology of the Riemann-Hilbert monodromy map
May 19
1:10 PM
Rui Fernandes
Linearization of Poisson brackets

(*) to be confirmed, (**) on hold

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