University of Toronto's Symplectic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2002

The symplectic geometry seminars are held Mondays 2:10 -- 4 in Room SS5017A.
Sep. 16
Liviu Mare
Quantum cohomology of flag manifolds and Toda lattices
Sep. 23
Anton Alekseev
D-branes and a principle of variations in representation theory
Wed, Sep. 25
Special Seminar
SS 5017A
Johannes Huebschmann
Lille (10 - 11)
Poisson geometry of Severi varieties and holomorphic nilpotent orbits
Sep. 30
Henrique Bursztyn
Notions of equivalence for Poisson manifolds
Oct. 7
Martin Pinsonnault
Toronto (2:10 - 3)

Mikhail Khovanov
U.C. Davis (3:10 - 4)
Cohomology of some symplectomorphism groups

An invariant of tangle cobordisms
Oct. 14
No Seminar
Oct. 21
Martin Pinsonnault
Toronto (2:10 - 3)

Mikhail Khovanov
U.C.Davis (3:10 - 4)
Topology of the space of symplectic balls

The first nontrivial example of a braid group action in a triangulated category
Oct. 28
Andrzej Derdzinski
Ohio State
Four-dimensional spin^c-manifolds with Higgs fields
Nov. 4
River Chiang
Complexity one Hamiltonian SO(3) actions
Nov. 11
Dmitri Burago
Penn. State
"Search for geometric properties of conjugacy classes" and unbounded quasi-semi-norms and groups
Nov. 18
Eckhard Meinrenken
Verlinde formulas as fixed point formulas
Nov. 25
John Millson
The generalized triangle inequalities in symmetric spaces and buildings with applications to algebra
Thursday, Nov. 28
Special Seminar
Reyer Sjamaar
Cornell (3 - 4)
A de Rham theorem for symplectic quotients
Dec. 2
Liat Kessler
Hebrew University
Holomorphic shadows in the eyes of model theory
Thursday, Dec. 5
Special Seminar
Hui Li
Illinois (3 - 4)
Semi-free Hamiltonian circle actions on 6 dimensional symplectic manifolds
Dec. 9
No seminar
CMS Meeting Ottawa

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