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Fall 2005

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The symplectic geometry seminars are held Mondays 2:10--3:00PM in Bahen Room 6183.
Symplectic Lunches: We go to lunch at Sylvester's Cafe at 16 Bancroft Avenue on Mondays right before the seminars. We meet there at 12:30PM. Please join us.
Sept 12
2:10 PM
Johan Martens
University of Toronto
Instanton counting and non-abelian localization
Sept 19
2:10 PM
Yi Lin
University of Toronto
Symmetries in generalized Kahler geometry
Sept 26
2:10 PM
Albert Chau
University of Waterloo
The uniformization of complete non-compact Kahler manifolds and the Kahler Ricci flow
October 3
2:10 PM
Alistair Savage
University of Toronto
Localization and boson-fermion correspondence
October 10
Thanksgiving Holiday -- NO SEMINAR
October 17
2:10 PM
Robert Jerrard
University of Toronto
A rigidity property of Lagrangian currents, and applications
October 24
Graeme Wilkin
Brown University
Hyperkahler Kirwan surjectivity for rank 2 Higgs bundles
October **28** (Friday)
**1:10 PM**
Gregory D. Landweber
University of Oregon
Martin's theorem in K-theory
October 31
2:10 PM

November 7
2:10 PM
Michael Entov
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Quasi-states and quasi-measures in symplectic topology
November 14
2:10 PM
Nicholas Proudfoot
University of Texas at Austin
Quivers as presentations of projective varieties
November 21
2:10 PM
Julianna Tymoczko
University of Michigan
Permutation actions on equivariant cohomology
November **25** (Friday)
**1:10 PM**
Matvei Libine
Yale University
Berline-Vergne localization formula for non-compact group actions
November 28
2:10 PM
Lisa Jeffrey
U of Toronto
Intersection theory on singular moduli spaces of bundles
December 5
2:10 PM

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