University of Toronto's Symplectic Geometry Seminar

Spring 2006

The symplectic geometry seminars are held Mondays 2:10--3:00PM in Bahen Room 6183.
Symplectic Lunches: We go to lunch at Sylvester's Cafe at 16 Bancroft Avenue on Mondays right before the seminars. We meet there at 12:30PM. Please join us.
January 9
2:10 PM
Alex Yong
Fields Institute
Tableau insertion algorithms in geometry and representation theory
January 16
2:10 PM
Andy Linshaw
Brandeis University
Chiral equivariant cohomology
January 20 (Geometry-Topology seminar)
11:10AM--12:00 noon, BA 2159
Eckhard Meinrenken
U of Toronto
Twisted K-homology and Lie groups
January 30
2:10 PM
Sergey Arkhipov
U of Toronto
Daydreaming about chiral equivariant cohomology
February 6
Melissa Liu
Northwestern University
Yang-Mills connections on non-orientable Surfaces
February 13
2:10 PM
Olga Buse
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Higher Whitehead products in symplectomorphism groups
February 20

Reading Week -- NO SEMINAR
February 27
2:10 PM
Samuel Lisi
Universite de Montreal
Pseudoholomorphic curves and dynamics : a new approach
March 6
2:10 PM
Matt Szczesny
Boston University
The chiral de Rham complex, orbifolds, and > supersymmetry
March 10 (Geometry-Topology seminar)
11:10AM--12:00 noon, BA 2159
Dusa McDuff
Homotopy properties of symplectomorphism groups
March 13
2:10 PM
Katrin Wehrheim
Institute of Advanced Studies
Lagrangian correspondences and a Floer field theory
March 20
2:10 PM
Susan Tolman
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Graphs and equivariant cohomology: A (very) generalized Schubert calculus
March 27
2:10 PM
Joseph Coffey
Stanford University
J-holomorphic foliations with invariant area forms
April 3
2:10 PM
Andrew Dancer
Oxford University
Adding branes to hyperkahler manifolds
April 10
2:10 PM
Ping Xu
Penn State
Chern character for twisted K-theory of orbifolds
April 26
1:10 PM
Anthony Licata
Yale University
Quiver varieties and representations of affine gl(n).