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Spring 2008

The symplectic geometry seminars are held Mondays 2:10--3:00 PM in BA 6183, unless otherwise indicated.
Symplectic Lunches: We go to lunch at Sylvester's Cafe at 16 Bancroft Avenue on Mondays right before the seminars. We meet there at 12:30PM. Please join us.
Informal Seminar: The seminar is often followed, at 3pm in BA 6180, by a more informal discussion. Topics of discussion can vary, possibly related to recent or upcoming seminar talks. Information about this is announced through the mailing list and during the main seminar.

If you would like to join our mailing list, or if you would like to give a talk, email Johan Martens at

(*) to be confirmed, (**) on hold

Monday, January 7
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Rajan Mehta
Washington University in St. Louis
A supersymplectic approach to Courant and generalized complex reduction
Monday, January 14

No Seminar
Conference on Mathematical Physics and Geometric Analysis at the Fields Institute
Monday, January 21
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Jan Swodoba
ETH Zurich
Yang-Mills Equations and Loop Groups
Wednesday, January 23
3:10 PM BA 3012
Takahiko Yoshida
University of Tokyo
On counting lattice points and Riemann-Roch numbers in Lagrangian fibrations
Monday, January 28
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Shay Fuchs
Spin$^c$ Quantization, Prequantization and Cutting
Departmental PhD Thesis Exam
Monday, February 11
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Sean Fitzpatrick
Quantization of Contact Manifolds
Tuesday, February 19
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Remark: date change
Dana Fine
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Supersymmetic Quantum Mechanics and the Gauss-Bonnet-Chern Theorem
Monday, February 25
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Clément Hyvrier
Université de Montreal
A product formula for Rational Gromov-Witten invariants.
Dmitry Donin
Talk Postponed
Monday, March 3
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Derek Krepski
University of Toronto
Obstruction to Pre-quantization
Monday, March 10
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Xian Tang
Washington University in St Louis
Poisson geometry near a strictly pseudoconvex boundary
Monday, March 17
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Kirill Vaninsky
Michigan State University
Poisson formalism for integrable systems and Riemann surfaces
Monday, March 24
Reyer Sjamaar*
Cornell University
Talk Cancelled
Monday, March 31
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Yuri A. Kordyukov
Russian Academy of Sciences, Ufa, Russia
Geodesic flows in transverse geometry of Riemannian foliations
Monday, April 7
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Tom Baird
University of Toronto
Twisted Kirwan Injectivity and Surjectivity in Generalized Complex Geometry
Monday, April 21
11:10 AM, BA 6183
Remark: unusual time
Henrique Bursztyn
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Generalized reduction and supergeometry
Monday, May 12
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Paul Biran
Tel Aviv University
Open books, Stein fillings and the symplectic mapping class group
Tuesday, May 13
11:10 AM, BA 6183
Remark: unusual day & time
Paul Biran
Tel Aviv University
Relative enumerative geometry on Lagrangian tori.
Monday, May 26
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Ivan Losev
Moscow State University
Classification of multiplicity free tori Hamiltonian actions on Stein manifolds
Friday, June 6
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Remark: unusual day
Dylan Thurston
Barnard College, Columbia University
Heegaard Floer homology for bordered 3-manifolds
Tuesday, July 22
11:10 AM, BA 6183
Remark: unusual day and time
Tony Licata
Stanford University
Hyperplane arrangements, hypertoric varieties, and Koszul duality
Wednesday, July 23
11:10 AM, BA 6183
Remark: unusual day and time
Joan Licata
Stanford University
Heegaard Floer theory and the Thurston polytope of four-stranded pretzel links

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