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Spring 2007

The symplectic geometry seminars are held Mondays 3:10--4:00 PM in BA 2165.
Symplectic Lunches: We go to lunch at Sylvester's Cafe at 16 Bancroft Avenue on Mondays right before the seminars. We meet there at 12:30PM. Please join us.

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Monday, January 8
3:10 AM, BA 2165
Tomoo Matsumura
Boston University
Lehn-Sorger algebra, Fantechi-Gottsche ring and a wreath product orbifold
Monday, January 15
12:10 AM, BA 6183
Nicholas Proudfoot
Columbia University
Toric and hypertoric combinatorics
Monday, January 22
3:10 PM, BA 2165
Yaron Ostrover
Symplectic Capacities and Volume Radius
Monday, January, 29
3:10 PM, BA 2165
Brad Safnuk
Mcmaster University
Localization on the moduli of curves
Monday, February 5
3:10 PM, BA 2165
Eckhard Meinrenken
University of Toronto
Twisted K-homology and group-valued moment maps
Monday, February 12
3:10PM, BA 2165
Alvaro Pelayo
University of Michigan
Symplectic actions of two tori on four manifolds
Monday, February 26
3:10 PM, BA 2165
Jake Solomon
Institute for Advanced Study
Open Gromov-Witten theory on the quintic threefold (Cancelled)
Monday, March 5
3:10 PM, BA 2165
Rosa Sena-Dias
Estimated transversality and rational maps
Monday, March 12
3:10 PM, BA 2165
Jake Solomon
Institute for Advanced Study
Open Gromov-Witten theory on the quintic threefold
Monday, March 19
No Talk
Monday, March 26
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Tom Baird
University of Toronto
Moduli spaces of flat bundles on nonorientable surfaces
Monday, March 28
2:10 PM, BA 1230
V. Balaji
Stable principal bundles on algebraic surfaces and the Donaldson-Uhlenbeck compactification
Monday, March 30
2:10 PM, BA 1230
V. Balaji
Algebraic holonomy groups of stable bundles
Monday, April 2
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Benoit Dherin
Toward the quantization functor
Monday, April 9
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Andrew Dancer
Oxford University
Symplectic versus hyperkahler geometry
Monday, May 7
2:10 PM, BA 2159
Eva Miranda
University Paul Sabatier
Rigidity for compact group actions on Poisson manifolds
Thursday, May 10
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Eva Miranda
University Paul Sabatier
Some geometrical aspects of integrable systems on symplectic and Poisson manifolds
Monday, May 14
1:00 PM, BA 2159
Mark Hamilton
University of Calgary
Geometric quantization of singular reduction
Monday, May 21
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Joseph Johns
Courant Institute
Fukaya categories of Morse Complexifications
Friday, May 25
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Yi, Lin
The equivariant cohomology theory in generalized complex geometry
Monday, May 28
3:10 PM, BA 6183
Chenchang Zhu
Institut Fourier Grenoble
A gerbe of Gamma functions---with fantasy towards toric varieties?
Monday, June 18
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Matthias Franz
Cohomology of toric varieties and their real parts
Monday, August 13
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Chiung-ju Liu
Futaki and Bando-Futaki invariants
Monday, August 20
2:10 PM, BA 6183
Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour
Every symplectic manifold is a coadjoint orbit