University of Toronto's Symplectic Geometry Seminar

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Fall 2008

Date Speaker Title and abstract Lunch venue
Monday, August 25
2:10 PM, BA 4010
(Unusual location)
Bill Goldman
University of Maryland
Geometry and dynamics of surface group representations
Monday, September 08

Johan Martens
University of Toronto
Moduli of parabolic Higgs bundles and Atiyah algebroids
Monday, September 15
Yael Karshon
University of Toronto
Shortening the Hofer length of Hamiltonian circle actions
Monday, September 22
Marco Gualtieri
University of Toronto
Groupoids and generalized complex geometry
Thai Angels
Monday, September 29
Joel Kamnitzer
University of Toronto
A framework for symplectic knot homology
Simon Sushi
Friday, October 3
1:10 PM, BA 6183
(Unusual time and date)
Christopher Woodward
Rutgers University
Functoriality in Floer-Fukaya theory and Gromov-Witten theory
Informal dinner
Monday, October 13
No seminar
Monday, October 20
Frol Zapolsky
Tel Aviv University
Symplectic quasi-states and applications
Thai Angels
Monday, October 27
Fabian Ziltener
University of Toronto
Coisotropic submanifolds and leafwise fixed points of Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms
Simon Sushi
Monday, November 3
Alexander Odesski
Brock University
Algebraic structures connected with pairs of compatible associative algebras
Thai Angels
Monday, November 10
Matthias Franz
University of Western Ontario
The equivariant cohomology of weighted projective space
Monday, November 17
Masaki Tsukamoto
Kyoto University
Geometry of the space of Brody curves and Gromov's mean dimension
Thai Angels
Monday, November 24
Sergei Tabachnikov
Pennsylvania State University
Pentagram map, a completely integrable system
Simon Sushi
Monday, December 1
Michele Audin
Universite de Strasbourg
Questions on Lagrangian skeletons
Thai Angels

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