Swastik Kopparty

Department of Mathematics and
    Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto

Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, Error-Correcting Codes, Complexity Theory, Probabilistic and Interactive Proofs, Finite Fields, Randomness and Pseudorandomness.

Previously, I had been a faculty member at Rutgers University for 10 years. Before that, I did my postdoc at the Institute for Advanced Study, my PhD at MIT, and my undergrad at the University of California, Riverside.

I am a Scientific Advisor to StarkWare.


Swastik Kopparty

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PhD Students

Current: Harry Sha, Gal Gross, Fatemeh Ghasemi

Graduated: Brian Garnett (2016), John Kim (2016), Ross Berkowitz (2017), Amey Bhangale (2017), Mrinal Kumar (2017), Danny Scheinerman (2018), Abhishek Bhrushundi (2020), Aditya Potukuchi (2020), Justin Semonsen (2020), Vishvajeet N (2022)


Courses at Rutgers (links coming soon)
Intro to Discrete Structures (Spring 2021, Undergrad)
Algorithmic Number Theory (Fall 2020, Grad)
Calculus I – Math 151:22-24 (Fall 2020, Undergrad)
Topics in Algorithms and Complexity Theory (Spring 2020, Grad)
Topics in Finite Fields (Fall 2019, Grad)
Graph Theory (Fall 2019, Undergrad)
Topics in Complexity and Pseudorandomness (Spring 2018, Grad)
Formal Languages and Automata (Spring 2018, Undergrad)
Combinatorics I (Fall 2017, Grad)
Honors Abstract Algebra (Fall 2017, Undergrad)
Problem Solving Seminar (Fall 2017, Undergrad)
Topics in Complexity and Pseudorandomness (Spring 2017, Grad)
Arithmetic Combinatorics (Fall 2016, Grad)
Problem Solving Seminar (Fall 2016, Undergrad)
Error-Correcting Codes (Spring 2016, Grad)
Intro to Discrete Structures I (Spring 2015, Undergrad)
Algorithmic Number Theory (Fall 2014, Grad)
Theory of Numbers (Fall 2014, Undergrad)
Algorithms (Spring 2014, Grad)
Topics in Finite Fields (Fall 2013, Grad)
Problem Solving Seminar (Fall 2013, Undergrad)
Topics in Complexity and Pseudorandomness (Spring 2013, Grad)
Combinatorics I (Fall 2012, Grad)
Problem Solving Seminar (Fall 2012, Undergrad)
Algorithms (Spring 2012, Grad)
Graph Theory (Fall 2011, Grad)
Problem Solving Seminar (Fall 2011, Undergrad)

Videos of miscellaneous talks

Error-correcting codes (IAS “mathematical conversation”)