Hyperbolic Lunch

Hyperbolic lunch is an informal talk that takes place at noon in my office (BA 6188). They generally last around 90 minutes and the talks are often interrupted by many questions. People bring their lunches to my office and eat as they listen to the talk. The audience consists of graduate students and postdocs and an occasional faculty or an undergraduate interested in hyperbolic geometry or related topics in geometry, topology, group theory and dynamics. The topics are often what someone has learned recently and not necessarily a result by the speaker.

If you are in Toronto and have a fun topic you can talk about, you should consider doing one of these lunches. The talks should be accessible to graduate students. We appreciate beautiful math even when it is elementary and would like to know about math as much as about stories of how math gets done.

2017 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
September 20 Pat Hooper Maximal square tiled surface with regular cylinder patterns
September 8 Howard Masur Ergodic theory and interval exchange transformations
August 8 Yulan Qing Convexity of the Outer Space
August 1 Eko Hironaka The minimum dilatation for pseudo-Anosov mapping classes
July 26 Adriano Pacifico Maximal stretch over simple closed curves
July 19 Kasra Rafi Limit sets of Teichüller geodesics in PML
July 12 Anja Randecker Siegel-Veech constants and the diameter of translation surfaces
June 28 Jeff Carlson Reading Course III
June 21 Anne Thomas QI classification of Coxeter groups and Bowditch JSJ decomposition
June 7, 14 Aaron Fenyes Reading Course II
May 24, 30 Ivan Telpukhovskiy Reading Course I
May 3 Vitali Kapovitch Which subsets of R^n are CAT(0)
April 12 Ivan Telpukhovskiy The Euler characteristic of the moduli space of curves
April 5 Kasra Rafi A gentle introduction to the Teichmüller space of a torus
March 29 Anja Randecker Veech groups of Loch Ness monsters
March 14 Sam Taylor
March 8 Jonah Gaster
March 1 Aaron Fenyes Shearing Coordinates
February 8 Maxime Fortier Bourque How to compute Teichmüller distance numerically in the space of hexagons
January 18 Curt McMullen
January 11 Yvon Verberne How to Generate the Mapping Class Group