Arthur Lei Qiu (he/him)

Figure 1: Me.

I am a PhD student in the University of Toronto's Department of Mathematics. This webpage is my attempt at trying something new: web development. Treat it as an exercise in HTML, because that's exactly what it is.

Some topics I've written about

Euler-like vector fields, for a symplectic geometry course I took with Yael Karshon in 2021. This was accompanied by a presentation and slides.

Black hole no-hair theorems, for a general relativity course I took with Stefan Czimek in 2020.

Regularity of elliptic partial differential equations, for an independent reading course I took with Fabio Pusateri in 2019.

Some things I've done

I ran the 2022 BMO Vancouver Marathon and fundraised for the BC Cancer Foundation along the way.

I computed the number of holes in a Minecraft world. (There's a lot. More details coming soon.)