Research Group of Professor Robert J. McCann

Current students:
Afiny Akdemir, MSc 2017, PhD candidate
Cameron Davies, MSc 2021, PhD candidate
Osama Farooqui, MSc 2022, PhD candidate
Friedemann Krannich, PhD candidate
Sabrina Lin, MSc 2024, PhD candidate
Jinjing Mao, PhD candidate
Louis Ryan Tan, 2024 Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant

Current postdoctoral visitors:
Krzysztof Ciosmak, 2022-25
Argam Ohanyan, 2025-27

Student Alumni:

Najma Ahmad, PhD 2004 (Brown Physics), The Geometry of Shape Recognition Via the Monge-Kantorovich Optimal Transport Problem, Risk Manager at Deloitte
Shibing Chen, PhD 2013, Convex Solutions to the Power-of-mean Curvature Flow, Conformally Invariant Inequalities, and Regularity Issues in Some Applications of Optimal Transportation, 1000 Talents Junior Chair, University of Science and Technology of China
Rosemonde Lareau-Dussault, PhD 2018, Coupled Education and Labour Markets, Government Scientist
Justin Martel, PhD 2019, Applications of Optimal Transport to Algebraic Topology: A Method for Constructing Spines from Singularities
Daniel Mayost, PhD 2014, Applications of the Signed Distance Function to Surface Geometry, Capital specialist, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
Evan Miller, PhD 2019 The Navier-Stokes Strain Equation with Applications to Enstrophy Growth and Global Regularity, Tenure-track Assistant Professor at University of Alabama (Huntsville)
Brendan Pass, PhD 2011, Structural Results on Optimal Transportation Plans, Tenured Associate Professor at University of Alberta
Joaquin Sanchez-Garcia, PhD 2024 Four Problems in Optimal Transportation, Quantitative Research Analyst, Optimize Wealth Canada
Maria Sosio, PhD 2011 (Pavia Mathematics), Regularity for Transport and Nonlinear Diffusion Problems, Teacher
Kelvin Shuangjian Zhang, MSc 2013, PhD 2018 Existence, Uniqueness, Concavity and Geometry of the Monopolist's Problem Facing Consumers with Nonlinear Price Preferences, 1000 Talents Junior Chair at Fudan Univesity, Shanghai

Hira Abdul Ghani, MSc 2014 Numerical Aspects of Optimal Transport
Afiny Akdemir, MSc 2017, Partial regularity for optimal maps.
Alex Bloemendal, MSc 2006, Regularity for Maps of Bounded Compression, Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Broad Institute at Harvard University
Cameron Davies, MSc 2021 Global Minimizers of the Interation Energy and the Behaviour of Nearby Solutions to the Aggreation Equation, PhD candidate Toronto
Colin Decker, MSc 2010, When Do Systematic Gains Uniquely Determine the Number of Marriages Between Different Types ... ? Postdoctoral Fellow in Statistics at University of Bochum
Steven Dejak, MSc 2001, Optimal Mass Transportation. PhD Toronto. VP Toronto Dominion Securities.
Osama Farooqui, MSc 2022, Topological Properties of Causal Spaces. PhD candidate Toronto.
Gonzalo Garcia Alarcon Estrada, MSc 2018, On Generalizations of the Lorentzian Distance Function
Dorian Goldman, MSc 2008, Weak Lagrangian Solutions to a One-dimensional Model of the Moist Semi-geostrophic Equations, PhD NYU, Research Scientist at Lyft and Columbia University
Nathan Killoran, MSc 2007, Supports of Extremal Doubly and Triply Stochastic Measures , PhD Waterloo (Physics), Head of Software (Xanadu)
Alexander Kuznetsov, MSc 2009, On a Convex Optimization Problem of Pricing in Economics
Jiayong Li, MSc 2009, Smooth Optimal Transportation on Hyperbolic Space , PhD MIT, Bioinformatics Scientist at Curoverse, Inc
Kry Lui, MSc 2011, Thurston's Geometrization Conjecture, Machine Learning Researcher at Royal Bank of Canada's Borealis AI

Tim Capes, BScH 2002, Color Visualization of Optimal Mappings, Founding Member, Samsung Artificial Intelligence Lab Toronto, Samsung Electronics
Cameron Davies, NSERC USRA 2020, Classifying minimum energy states for interacting particles, MSc 2021, PhD Candidate Toronto
Andrei Dranka, BASc 2017 Mean Field Games in Asset Price Coordination, Technology Consulting, Accenture
Mitchell Gaudet, BScH 2023, Gross substitutes, MSc Candidate University of Toronto
Karol Gregor, BScH 2000, Decay Rates in Kinetic Theory / Discontinuities of Optimal Maps; PhD Princeton (Physics), Google DeepMind
Mohammadreza Mohammadi, NSERC USRA 2011, Light Beam Refractor Design, MSc Toronto (Statistics). Risk Management, Scotiabank
Omar Rammo, NSERC USRA 2008, Who Marries Whom, and Why.
Aaron Smith, NSERC USRA 2006 Explicit Yamabe Flow of an Asymmetric Cigar PhD Stanford, Associate Professor at University of Ottawa
Maxim Trokhimtchouk, BScH 2004, Optimal partition of a large labor force into working pairs; PhD Berkeley, CEO and Founder: FeatureMine and Recurrent Dynamics
Boyang Wu, USRA 2017, Computing optimal multi- to one-dimensional transport; BScH 2018 U Toronto, MSc 2020 NYU, PhD Candidate University of Michigan AIM
David Wu, NSERC USRA 2021, Cyclic ascent: a fast algorithm for computing Wasserstein barycenters, PhD Candidate Cornell University

Postdoctoral alumni
Mathias Braun, 2022-24. Causal convergence conditions through variable timelike Ricci curvature bounds. Bernoulli Instructor, EPFL.
Beomjun Choi, Curvature flows and nonlinear diffusion asymptotics 2019-2021, Tenure-track Assistant Professor at POSTECH, South Korea
Marina Chugunova, 2011-12, Thin film equations; coating and rimming flows. Professor at Claremont Graduate University.
Codina Cotar, 2011-12. Electronic correlations in quantum mechanics. Lecturer at University College, London
Jochen Denzler, July - December, 2001. Fast diffusion to self-similarity, Tenured at University of Tennessee
Manuel Gnann, July - December 2014. Higher-order asymptotics of the thin film equation, Assistant Professor, Technical University of Delft
Xiaosong Kang, 2003-05. Nonlinear diffusion. Associate Professor at Wuhan University
Geogia Karali, January 2003-05. Droplet coarsening rates, Professor at University of Crete
Christian Ketterer, Metric measure geometry 2017-21, Acting Professor at the University of Freiburg
Yong-Jung Kim, 2003-04. Sharp decay rates for the fastest conservative diffusions, Professor at KAIST
Young-Heon Kim, 2006-08, Continuity, curvature, and the general covariance of optimal transport. Tenured at University of British Columbia
Jun Kitagawa 2013-2015, Free discontinuities in optimal transport. Tenured at Michigan State University
Jonathan Korman, 2011-12. Capacity-constrained optimal transport. Teaching Stream Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto
Tongseok Lim, Spring 2019, Spring 2020. Isodiametry, variance, and regular simplices from particle interactions, Tenure-track at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management
Gregoir Loeper, October 2003-February 2004, Hoelder continuity of optimal mappings, Associate Professor at Monash University.
Cy Maor 2016-19, Elastic Materials and Defects, Assistant Professor at Hebrew University
Hamed Maroofi, 2002-04. Optimal transportation at hyperbolic infinity, Director, Quantitative Finance, Bank of America
Quentin Merigot July - November 2010, Principal-agent problems, Professor at University of Paris-Sud (Orsay)
Emanuel Milman , July 2009 - November 2010, Geometric Inequalities, Professor at the Technion
Amir Moradifam , 2010-12 Inverse problems and medical imaging, Tenured at University of California at Riverside
Adam Oberman, Summer 2002, Exact semigeostrophic flows in an elliptical ocean basin. Tenured at McGill University
Cale Rankin, 2022-24. Free boundary regularity for the monopolist's problem in the plane. Postdoctoral fellow at Monash University.
Clemens Saemann, A Lorentzian analog of Hausdorff dimension and measure 2019-2021, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Vienna
Christian Seis, 2011-14, Nonlinear diffusions and capacity constrained transport. Professor in Muenster
Dejan Slepcev, 2002-04, Second-order asymptotics for the fast diffusion equation. Tenured at Carnegie Mellon University
Ben Stephens, 2006-09 Time asymptotics of fourth-order diffusions. ExtraHop Networks, Inc.

Professor Robert J. McCann, FRSC
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