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St. Augustine tells the story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great, who asked him "how he dares molest the sea." "How dare you molest the whole world?" the pirate replied: "Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you, doing it with a great navy, are called an Emperor."


  • Math246 (2015)

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  • Dissertation(pdf)
  • Local Constancy (pdf)
  • Local Character Expansion(pdf)
  • Financial Math (pdf)
  • Optimal Transportation with Capacity Constraints (pdf)
  • Insights into capacity constrained optimal transport (pdf)
  • Dual potentials for capacity constrained optimal transport (pdf)
  • An elementary approach to linear programming duality with application to capacity constrained transport (pdf)


  • Taiwan (Dec 2005)
  • Toronto (Nov 2005)
  • AMS/Chicago (Oct 2004)