University of Toronto's
Symplectic Geometry Seminar

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Spring 2009

Date Speaker Title and abstract Lunch venue
Monday, January 5
Sean Fitzpatrick
University of Toronto
Equivariant index formulas on almost-CR manifolds
Simon Sushi
Monday, January 12
David Li-Bland
University of Toronto
Courant algebroids and Poisson geometry
Thai Angels
Monday, January 19
Frederic Rochon
University of Toronto
Some index formulae on the moduli space of stable parabolic vector bundles
Thai Angels
Monday, January 26
Alfonso Gracia-Saz
University of Toronto
VB-algebroids and represenation theory of Lie algebroids.
Simon Sushi
Tuesday, February 3
2:10 PM, BA 2175

(Unusual date and location)
Shengda Hu
University of Waterloo
Seidel homomorphisms and Albers' map
Thai Angels
Monday, February 9
Brian Lee
University of Toronto
Geometric Structures on spaces of weighted submanifolds
(Thesis defense)
Monday, February 16
Reading Week
(No seminar)
Monday, February 23
Alejandro Uribe
University of Michigan
Quantum mechanics and generalized theta functions
Simon Sushi
Monday, March 2
Pinaki Mondal
University of Toronto
Projective completions of affine varieties via degree-like functions
Wednesday, March 11
2:10 PM, BA 1230

(Unusual date and location)
Ben Webster
Representation theory and a strange duality for symplectic varieties
Thai Angels
Thursday, March 12
4:30 PM, MS 2173

(Unusual date and location)
Ben Webster
Representation theory and a strange duality for symplectic varieties (II)
Monday, March 16
Rebecca Goldin
George Mason University
Towards generalizing Schubert calculus in the symplectic category
Monday, March 23
Eckhard Meinrenken
University of Toronto
Monday, March 30
Michael Shapiro
Michigan State University
Cluster algebras and Poisson geometry
Thursday, April 2
2:10PM, Location TBA

(Unusual date and location)
Eduardo Gonzalez
University of Massachusetts Boston
Monday, April 6
Megumi Harada
McMaster University
Divided difference operators in equivariant K-theory for general G-spaces
Monday, April 13
Andreas Ott
ETH Zurich / Rutgers University
Monday, April 27
Raphael Ponge
University of Tokyo

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