Mini-Course: Coarse Geometry of the Big Mapping Class Groups

Prof. Kasra Rafi, University of Toronto

Abstract: In this lecture series, we will develop a framework for the study of the coarse geometry of big mapping class groups. We identify surfaces for which the associated big mapping class group has a well-defined coarse geometry. We then examine different aspects of the large scale geometry of these groups. The course is designed for people who are new to the field (not experts) and is meant to be accessible to graduate students. It will essentially cover parts of the following papers:

  • Large Scale Geometry of Big Mapping Class Groups (Joint with Kathryn Mann)
  • Big mapping class groups with hyperbolic actions: classification and applications (Joint with Camillie Horbez and Yulan Qing)
  • Asymptotic Dimension of Big Mapping Class Groups (Joint with Curtis Grant and Yvon Verberne)

  • All are welcome to tune in. The recordings will be available after the lectures.

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    Yulan Qing (Fudan University), Xiaolei Wu (Fudan University)