Leonid Monin


I am currently a Bernoulli instructor at EPFL. Before that I was a postdoc working at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig and at the University of Bristol. In 2019 I obtained my PhD at the University of Toronto where I worked with Askold Khovanskii, here is my CV.

You can reach me via my email: leonid.monin@epfl.ch. You might be interested in AdIMOM and our homemade seminars.

By Lisa Vasiljewa




I am interested in several areas between algebra and geometry. More specifically, my research can be broadly divided into two parts. The first part is combinatorial algebraic geometry and the second one is Teichmüller theory and moduli spaces. In combinatorial algebraic geometry I am mostly interested in Newton polyhedra theory, toric varieties, enumerative geometry, spherical varieties, and tropical geometry. In Teichmüller theory I am mostly interested in counting problems, geometry of Teichmüller space equipped with Thurston metric, and dilation surfaces.

My publications and preprints:
Work in progress:



I am not teaching at the moment, earlier I taught the following courses:

at University of Bristol:

Fall 2019: Instructor for Reading course on Combinatorial algebraic geometry

at University of Toronto:

Instructor and the course coordinator:
Spring 2019: course MAT 401 Polynomial equations and Fields. Here are some materials.
Summer 2018: MAT136 Calculus I (B)

2013-2018: TA for MAT333 Topology, MAT257 Analysis II, MAT402 Classical Geometries, MAT186 Calculus I, MAT332 Graph Theory, MAT135 Calculus I (A), MAT136 Calculus I (B).

at Independent University of Moscow:

2012-2013: TA for Geometry I, Topology I.

at Higher School of Economics:

2011-2013: TA for Game Theory, Mathematical Introduction into Economic, Basic Mathematical Model of Political Economics, Discrete Mathematics.

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