Sarah Mayes-Tang

Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto


My ultimate goal as a mathematics professor is to develop students who are not only equipped for their future studies and careers, but who also appreciate mathematics as a human endeavour and who have a strong intellectual curiosity towards mathematics. I am particularly passionate about supporting women and those from other groups underrepresented in math. With this overarching objective in mind, my teaching practices are based around three fundamental beliefs about how mathematical learning takes place.

  • Students learn mathematics best by actively engaging in doing math.
  • Students must be intellectually motivated to learn and organize mathematical concepts.
  • To learn mathematics students must see themselves as capable practitioners.

Much of my scholarly work is now centred around the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. If you have project ideas and would like to collaborate, please get in touch with me.


In 2017-18, I will be coordinating and teaching MAT135 and MAT136 (Calculus 1 [A] and [B]).

Past Courses: Quest University

Quest Univeristy Canada is a private, not-for-profit liberal arts University in Squamish, British Columbia focused on undergraduate education. It was established by the Sea To Sky University Act. The insitution is unique in a number of ways; for example, it operates on the Block Plan, which means that students take one course at a time for three-and-a-half weeks each. Syllabi from the courses that I designed and taught at Quest can be found below.