Research Page of Fabio Pusateri

    I am an Assistant Professor at University of Toronto

    My main interests are Analysis of nonlinear PDEs, Dispersive and Wave Equations, Fluid Dynamics, Harmonic Analysis, Hamiltonian Dynamics.   CV

    I organize the Fields Applied Math colloquium   (schedule)

    I am one of the main organizers of the Fields Institute Thematic Program on Mathematical Hydrodynamics, July 1 - December 31, 2020.


    2018 - present: Assistant Professor, University of Toronto.
    2014 - 2018: Assistant Professor, Princeton University.
    2011 - 2014: Post Doc/Instructor and Simons Fellow, Princeton University.
    2011 Ph.D. New York University.
    2006 M. Sc. Università Roma "Tre".

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    Fellowships and Awards

    ISAAC award (2019)

    Connaught New Researcher Award (2019-2021)

    NSERC Grant RGPIN-2018-06487 (2018-2023)

    NSF Grant DMS 1265875 (2013-2017)

    Simons Fellowship (2011-2014)

    Dean's Dissertation Fellowship (2011)

    McCracken Fellowship (2006-2011)

    Selected Conferences and Talks

    Some Slides




    12th International ISAAC Congress (Aveiro, Portugal, July 2019)
    CAIMS Annual Meeting 2019 (Whistler, BC, June 2019)
    Workshop on Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs and Inverse Scattering (Fields Institute, Toronto, May 2019)
    11th IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena (UGA, April 2019)
    Princeton University Analysis Seminar (April 2019)
    UIC workshop on recent developments in Nonlinear Waves (9-11 Nov 2018)
    A Conference on PDEs: Celebrating the Contributions of Fanghua Lin and Jalal Shatah (Abu Dhabi, UAE, Jan 2018)
    Analysis and Dynamics (in celebration of Luigi Chierchia's 60th birthday, Lecce, Italy, October 12-15 2017)
    AMS sectional meeting (Buffalo, September 16-17 2017)
    Nonlinear Waves and Dispersive Equations (Oberwolfach, Germany, June 11-17 2017)
    Water Waves and Related Models Conference (Bodega Marine Lab, CA, June 5-9 2017)
    ICERM workshop on ``Water Waves'' (ICERM, Providence, Apr 24-28 2017)
    10th IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena (UGA, March 2017)
    Rice University, Colloquium (Feb 2017)
    University of Toronto, Colloquium (Jan 2017)
    University of Wisconsin, Colloquium (Jan 2017)
    UCSB, Colloquium (Jan 2017)
    University of Pennsylvania Analysis Seminar (Nov 2016)
    Johns Hopkins University Analysis Seminar (Sept 2016)
    SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures (Philadelphia, Aug 2016)
    AIMS conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications (Orlando, July 2016)
    Invited speaker at Nonlinear Waves conference (IHES, France, June 2016)
    Nonlinear Evolution Problems (Oberwolfach, Germany, May 2016)
    Courant Institute/NYU Analysis Seminar (March 2016)
    Rutgers University Nonlinear Analysis Seminar (March 2016)
    Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications, SISSA (Trieste, Italy, Jan 2015)
    Clay Workshop on Water Waves and Related Fluid Models (Clay Mathematical Institute, Oxford Sept 2015)
    AMS sectional meeting (Georgetown, DC Mar 2015)
    Brown University RTG Workshop on PDEs for Fluids (Feb 2015)
    UCLA-Caltech Analysis and PDE seminar (Nov 2014)
    AMS Meeting (San Francisco, 25-26 October 2014)
    UCLA Analysis and PDE seminar (May 2014)
    Chicago University Calderon-Zygmund Analysis seminar (May 2014)
    Dynamics in Geometric Dispersive Equations (Banff, Canada, May 4-9, 2014)
    University of Pennsylvania Analysis Seminar (April 2014)
    University of Minnesota Analysis and PDE seminar (January 2014)
    Georgia Tech Analysis Seminar (December 2013)
    University of Michigan Differential Equations seminar (October 2013)
    Brown University PDE seminar (September 2013)
    Nonlinear Waves and Dispersive Equations (Oberwolfach, Germany, August 12-17, 2013)
    UCLA Analysis and PDEs seminar (May 2013)
    Courant Institute/NYU Analysis Seminar (May 2013)
    Siam SEAS Annual Meeting (Knoxville, Tennessee, March 22-24, 2013)
    New perspectives in nonlinear PDEs (Rome, Italy, September 24-28, 2012)
    Princeton University Analysis Seminar (September 2012)
    Nonlinear Hamiltonian PDEs (Ascona, Switzerland, July 1-6, 2012)
    University of Pennsylvania Analysis Seminar (Dec 2011)
    Invited speaker at XIX UMI Congress (Bologna, Italy, Sept 2011) Invited speaker Harrington Symposium on Dispersive PDEs (Austin, Tx, 29-30 April 2011)
    Princeton University Analysis Seminar (April 2011)
    Brown University PDE Seminar (Oct 2010)
    University of Roma Tre Analysis Seminar (June 2010)