Giulio Tiozzo

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
University of Toronto

My field of research is dynamical systems and ergodic theory. In particular:

For a more detailed description, see my research statement.
I got my Ph.D. from Harvard in 2013, under the supervision of C.T. McMullen.
In my thesis, I develop a connection between families of continued fractions and
the combinatorics of the Mandelbrot set, with applications to entropy.

Here are some slides related to my recent work:











St George campus: BA 6206

Scarborough campus: IC 495
Office hours - Fall 2017
Tue 3.15-4.15 PM
Thu 1-2 PM

e-mail: tiozzo AT math DOT utoronto DOT ca

"Quando il tetro dromedario giunse dietro al tetraedro alzò gli occhi e disse: « Diamine! Son davanti a una piramide! »" (T. S.)