Giulio Tiozzo

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
University of Toronto

My field of research is dynamical systems and ergodic theory, with applications to
complex analysis, probability, and geometric group theory. In particular:

For a more detailed description, see my research statement (from 2015).
I got my Ph.D. from Harvard in 2013, under the supervision of C.T. McMullen.
In my thesis, I develop a connection between families of continued fractions and
the combinatorics of the Mandelbrot set, with applications to entropy.

Lecture notes for the Summer School in Teichmueller Dynamics, August 2018:
Random walks on weakly hyperbolic groups

Here are some slides related to my recent work:
My research is partially supported by NSERC and the Sloan Foundation.











St George campus: BA 6206
Office hours Fall 2018: Mon 4.30-5.30 PM
Scarborough campus: IC 495

e-mail: tiozzo AT math DOT utoronto DOT ca

"Quando il tetro dromedario giunse dietro al tetraedro alzò gli occhi e disse: « Diamine! Son davanti a una piramide! »" (T. S.)