Sarah Mayes-Tang

Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

Mathematics Research

My math research lies in the field of commutative algebra and works to understand infinite collections of polynomials. More specifically, I am interested in understanding the asymptotic behaviour of graded systems of polynomial ideals, such as the system given by taking powers of a fixed ideal. Currently I am studying relationships between the graded Betti numbers of different ideals within a single graded system.

Math Research Publications

Education Research

I take a scholarly approach to my teaching and am involved with several Scholarship of Teaching and Learning projects. My current areas of interest include the professional development of new instructors, engaging students in active learning classrooms, math courses for non-math majors, and transitions to post-secondary mathematics.

Recent Education Presentations

  • A first-year seminar on mathematical creativity, Mathematical Themes of a First-Year Seminar, MAA MathFest (Summer 2018)

  • Using women's stories in a first-year mathematics seminar, Impact of Women on Research and Education in Mathematics, BIRS (Spring 2018)

Education Research Papers