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Department of Mathematics,
University of Toronto,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2E4

Office: 45 St George st (PGB), room 201c
Telephone: (416)-978-6786      
Fax: (416) 978-4107


"God put me on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind I will never die."

--Bill Watterson

Research In
terests: I'm interested in global Riemannian geometry. More specifically, I'm interested in convergence with lower sectional and Ricci curvature bounds.

I am coorganizing the Thematic Program on Nonsmooth Riemannian and Lorentzian Geometry at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences in Toronto.

During the program I am coorganizing the workshop Workshop on Geometry of Spaces with Upper and Lower Curvature Bounds which will take place September 12 - 16, 2022.

My book with Anton Petrunin and Stephanie Alexander "Invitation to Alexandrov geometry: CAT(0) spaces" has been published by Springer.



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