Printing Help

Printing Help Information for the Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics has two main printers called (for historical reasons), lw2, a Xerox Phaser 5550DN in BA6290A and lw3, another Xerox Phaser 5550DN, in BA6200. Both printers have duplexers for printing on both sides of a sheet of paper.

The command that should be used to send (ps, pdf, dvi, txt, doc (Word), rtf) jobs to the printer is Print. Typing this command on a line by itself will list the options and some examples of its use. The -d option displays the file on your screen (if you are running X Windows), and is useful as a preview. For example, typing Print -d file.dvi will show (approximately) what will be sent to the printer with Print file.dvi.

Type lpq at the coxeter prompt to get a listing of jobs in the queue awaiting printing. If the output when typing lpq shows:

  • lw2 @lw2 DOWN
  • lw2: no entries Status : ONLINE

then this means the local queue on coxeter is down although the printer is ready to print. You can run fixlw2 or fixlw3 as appropriate to restart the queue.

This will not help if you see the line:

  • lw2: no entries Status : OFFLINE

which usually means that the printer is out of paper.

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