The Mathematics Graduate Students Association (MGSA), an offshoot of the Graduate Students' Union (GSU), receives funding from the GSU to promote social and intellectual activities among Math graduate students. We also act to protect the interests of Math graduate students both within the department and the university as a whole.

Perhaps the most important of our activities is the organization of social functions for Math graduate students and their significant others. These have included potluck dinners, ice skating, barbeques, movie nights, and outings to the opera, the theatre, and a variety of restaurants. We subsidize events to make them as accessible as possible. We are open to any activity that has sufficient interest among the graduate students.

One of our most attended functions are the seminars. We meet every month to hear either a graduate student talking about something of personal interest, or a professor expounding his area of research. The talks are at a very accessible level and often stimulate lively and fruitful discussions. Free pizzas are a regular part of this seminar series.

The MGSA annually elects a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. As well we appoint graduate students to sit on various departmental committees. There is a selection of committees so everyone has an opportunity to participate. Two stewards are appointed to represent the math teaching assistants in our union: CUPE local 3902.

MGSA not only provides opportunities for social interaction, but also gives the active graduate student a chance to participate in the neccessary evils of life: administration and politics. These efforts are very important as we try to improve the lives of graduate students and do our part to represent the Department of Mathematics.

The executive welcomes any questions or comments at