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Math 1750 - Shameless Mathematica

Toronto, Academic Year of 2017-2018

Agenda: Sophisticated mathematics with Mathematica!

Instructor: Dror Bar-Natan, drorbn@math.toronto.edu (for administrative matters only; math on email is slow and prone to misunderstandings, so I generally avoid it). Office: Bahen 6178, 416-946-5438.

Classes: Mondays 10-11 and Fridays 10-12 at Bahen 6183.

Intended for. Graduate students. While there are no formal prerequisites, a high level of mathematical sophistication will be assumed. Typically this would mean having taken a few core graduate classes here, or their parallels elsewhere.

Office hours. By appointment.

Course Calendar

# Week of ...  
1 September 11 First class is on Monday September 11.
Handout: About This Class.
Blackboards for Monday September 11.
Notebook for September 11: Minor Demos.
Blackboards for Monday September 15.
Notebook for September 15: The Kauffman Bracket.
Notebook for September 15: The Collatz Problem.
2 September 18 Blackboards for Monday September 18.
Notebook for September 18: EIWL 1-4.
Notebook for January 18: Fibonacci Project by C. Chu.
Blackboards for Friday September 22.
Notebook for September 22: Too many ways to compute the Fibonacci numbers.
3 September 25 Blackboards for Monday September 25.
Notebook for September 25: Further ways to compute the Fibonacci numbers.
Blackboards for Friday September 29.
Notebook for September 29: Triangulations and the Catalan numbers.
Notebook for September 29: Making the Class Photo.
Class Photo.
4 October 2 Blackboards for Monday October 2.
Notebook for October 2: EIWL 5-8.
Blackboards for Friday October 6.
Notebook for October 6: A Riddle About Spheres.
Student Project: A Catalan Poster by C. Chu.
Student Project: A Jones Program by E. Bilocq.
5 October 9 Monday is thanksgiving - no class.
Handout for Friday October 13.
Blackboards for Friday October 13.
Notebook for October 13: a faster Jones program.
Notebook for October 13: the towers of Hanoi.
6 October 16 Blackboards for Monday October 16.
Notebook for October 16: more on the towers of Hanoi.
Blackboards for Friday October 20.
Notebook for October 20: trees from triangulations, basic homology.
7 October 23 Blackboards for Monday October 23.
Notebook for October 23: some further homology, 1.
Notebook for October 23: some further homology, 2.
Notebook for October 23: some further homology, 3.
Blackboards for Friday October 27.
Notebook for October 27: Hochschild homology for $FA_n$.
Notebook for October 27: Three Peano Curves.
8 October 30 Blackboards for Monday October 30.
Notebook for October 30: EIWL 9, Dynamic.
Blackboards for Friday November 3.
Notebook for November 3: The Quintic Slide Show.
Notebook for November 3: The Quintic Slide Show, annotated.
NCGE handout (redacted).
R November 6 UofT Undergrad Reading Week - classes meet as usual.
Blackboards for Monday November 6.
Notebook for November 6: NCGE, Day 1.
Blackboards for Friday November 10.
Notebook for November 10: NCGE, Day 2.
Student Project: A Torus by T. Milne.
Student Project: The Cow Problem by L. Afeke.
9 November 13 Notebook for November 13: Packaging permutations, day 1.
Notebook for November 13: The Mathematica Package Perm (1).
Blackboards for Friday November 17.
Notebook for November 17: Playing with Permutations, Day 2.
Notebook for November 17: The Package Perm.
Notebook for November 17: Using the Package Perm.
10 November 20 November 20 tidbits.
Hamburg talk on Khovanov Homology.
Slides on Khovanov Homology.
Blackboards for Monday November 20.
November 24 KH Day 2.
Slides on Khovanov Homology.
Blackboards for Monday November 24.
11 November 27 November 27 KH Day 3.
Blackboards for Monday November 27.
December 1 KH Day 4.
Blackboards for Friday December 1.
12 December 4 December 4 KH Day 5.
Blackboards for Monday December 4.
Wednesday is the last day of classes, yet we had a "Makeup Monday" on Thursday.
December 7 KH Day 7.
Blackboards for Thursday December 7.

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