What The MGSA Does

The role of the MGSA is to facilitate social and academic events, help graduate students access resources, and advocate for graduate students at department meetings.

The President and Vice-president are primarily support roles. They are responsible for helping other members of the MGSA with their responsibilities and for keeping the big picture in mind.

The Secretary is responsible for communication between the MGSA and the student body. This includes things like making meeting minutes available to students and sending birthday messages.

The Treasurer manages the MGSA’s funds and issues reimbursements. The President and Treasurer are joint account holders of the MGSA’s bank accounts.

The Social committee supports the social life of graduate students. The Tea time organizers run a weekly department tea time. The General members of the committee help with other events like intramurals and the Halloween contest.

The Academic committee supports the academic life of graduate students. The Graduate student seminar organizers run a weekly seminar for graduate students. The General members of the committee help with other events like student-run seminars and the Birds’ Eye Conference.

Every semester, the department meets to report on what has happened. The Departmental council representatives attend these meetings on behalf of the MGSA and report on graduate students’ mental, physical, and financial health.

Every spring, the math department meets to plan the courses that will be offered in the next year. The Graduate planning committee represents the student body at this meeting and advocates for our needs!

A CUPE representative is a steward of our TA and CI labor union, CUPE 3902, Unit 1. A steward serves as an advocate for our workers’ rights and as a liaison between other members of the union and the math department.

The Graduate Student Union (GSU) representative is a liaison between the MGSA and the GSU. Most of the MGSA’s funding comes from the GSU.

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