Putnam Competition

The William Lowel Putnam Mathematics Competition is a challenging mathematics contest for undergraduate students in the United States and Canada, awarding scholarships and cash prizes ranging from $250 to $2,500 for the top students and $5,000 to $25,000 for the top schools.
The competition has been held since 1938 and is run by the Mathematical Association of America. This academic year it will take place on Feb 20, 2021.
The preparation sessions this year are organized by Ignacio Uriarte-Tuero and Zack Wolske.

We plan to meet for preparation once a week via Zoom to work on problems and solutions from past competitions.

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Undergraduate Mathematics Competition

In Memory of Robert Barrington Leigh

The University of Toronto Undergraduate Mathematics Contest has been held annually since 2001. Prof. Barbeau has been hosting this since inception to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to compete, practice their competitions skills and to help identify Putnam candidates. It is open to all undergraduate students with an interest in mathematics.

Traditionally, the competition is held on the first or second Saturday or Sunday in March, and currently takes 3-1/2 hours to write. This year the competition will be held Saturday March 10, 2018 in SF2202 (Sanford Fleming Building, Room 2202, 10 King’s College Road).

There is no fee for the competition and students are required to register with Professor Ed Barbeau at Please confirm the time of the competition with Prof. Barbeau.

Please note, students on the Mississauga and Scarborough campuses are welcome to participate. We will try to arrange to have it written on the suburban campuses to accommodate these students.

Copies of previous papers and the solutions are available on the website of Professor Barbeau:

Since 2007, the contest has been given in memory of Robert Barrington Leigh (1986 – 2006), who was an undergraduate student in math at U of T.


Previous Winners

March 7, 2021

*The top five scorers for the 2021 UMC were not ranked and are listed alphabetically instead. 

  • Yao Kuang
  • Michael Li
  • Samuel Li
  • Jiyuan Lu
  • Zhijun Wang

There were 38 candidates.

 March 8, 2020

  • 1st place: Samuel Li
  • 2nd place: Chayim Lowen
  • 3rd place: Jianing Li
  • 4th place: Hshmat Sahak
  • 5th place: Richard Chow

There were 25 candidates.

 March 10, 2019

  • 1st place: Itai Bar-Natan and Samuel Li (tied)
  • 2nd place: Dmitry Paramonov
  • Honorable mention: Richard Chow, Jennifer Guo, Chen Yi, Yinjun Zheng

There were 38 candidates.

 March 10, 2018

  • 1st place: Michael Chow
  • 2nd place: Itai Bar-Natan
  • 3rd place: Andrew Gomes
  • 4th place: Dmitry Paramonov
  • 5th place: Jianing Li

There were 60 candidates.

March 12, 2017

  • 1st place: Michael Chow
  • 2nd place: Shuyang Shen
  • 3rd place: Rafael Aznar
  • 4th place: Andrey Khesin
  • 5th place: Dmitry Paramonov and Jiangtian Yao (tied)

There were 50 candidates.

March 5, 2016

  • 1st place: Michael Chow
  • 2nd place: Itai Bar-Natan
  • 3rd place: Shijie Xiu
  • 4th place: Matthew MacKay and Dmitry Paramonov (tied)
  • 5th place: Shuyang Shen

There were 38 candidates.

March 8, 2015

  • 1st place: Jonathan Love
  • 2nd place: Shijie Xiu
  • 3rd place: Michael Chow
  • 4th place: Chengyuan Yao
  • 5th place: Jerry Jia Wang

There were 33 candidates.

March 9, 2014

  • 1st place: Jonathan Love
  • 2nd place: Brian Bi
  • 3rd place: Shijie Xiu
  • 4th place: Yizhou Sheng
  • 5th place: David Perchesky

There were 31 candidates.

March 9, 2013

  • 1st place: Jialin Song
  • 2nd place: Jonathan Zung
  • 3rd place: Jonathan Love
  • 4th place: Shia Xiao Li
  • 5th place: Rong Xi Guo and Ruiz Luo (tied)


March 10, 2012

  • 1st place: Jonathan Zung
  • 2nd place: Yu Wu
  • 3rd place: Keith Ng
  • 4th place: Jialin Song
  • 5th place: Jonathan Love


March 6, 2011

  • 1st place: Keith Ng; Alexander Remorov (tied)
  • 2nd place: Sergei Sagatov
  • 3rd place: Philip Chen
  • 4th place: Fengwei Sun
  • 5th place: Jungwei Huo

There were 26 candidates.

March 7, 2010

  • 1st place: Alexander Remorov
  • 2nd place: Sida Wang
  • 3rd place: Keith Ng
  • 4th place: Victoria Krakovna
  • 5th place: Sergei Sagatov

There were 31 candidates

March 8, 2009

  • 1st place: Konstantin Matveev
  • 2nd place: Alexander Remorov
  • 3rd place: Viktoriya Krakovna
  • 4th place: Junjiajia Long
  • 5th place: Sergio DaSilva

There were 21 candidates

March 9, 2008

  • 1st place: Janos Kramar
  • 2nd place: Konstantin Matveev
  • 3rd place: Sida Wang
  • 4th place: Oleg Ivrii
  • Honourable Mention: Viktoriya Krakovna

There were 14 candidates

March 11, 2007

  • 1st place: Janos Kramar
  • 2nd place: Mu Cai
  • 3rd place: Geoffrey Siu
  • Honourable Mentions: Zhiqiang Li, Samuel Huang, Elena Flat

There were 10 candidates

March 12, 2006

  • 1st place: Jacob Tsimerman
  • 2nd place: Robert Barrington Leigh
  • 3rd place: Janos Kramar
  • 4th place: Garry Goldstein
  • 5th place: Ali Feizmohammadi

There were 17 candidates

March 12, 2005

  • 1st place: Robert Barrington Leigh
  • 2nd place: Jacob Tsimerman
  • 3rd place: Garry Goldstein
  • Honourable Mentions: Ali Feizmohammadi, Tianyi David Han, Samuel Huang, Emily Redelmeier, Ilya Sutskever

There were 21 candidates

March 14, 2004

  • 1st place: Garry Goldstein
  • 2nd place: Ali Feiz Mohammadi
  • 3rd place: Robert Barrington Leigh
  • 4th place: Roger Mong
  • Honourable Mentions: Samuel Huang, Emily Redelmeier, David Shirokoff, Ilya Sutskever

There were 18 candidates

March 16, 2003

  • 1st place: Jonathan Sparling
  • 2nd place: David Varodayan
  • 3rd place: Garry Goldstein
  • 4th place: Benjamin Moull
  • 5th place: Jimmy Chui
  • Honourable Mentions: Samuel Huang, Emily Redelmeier, Robert Ziman

There were 20 candidates

March 9, 2002

  • 1st place: Jimmy Chui
  • 2nd place: David Varodayan
  • 3rd place: Isaac Li
  • 4th place: Fred Dupuis; Robert Ziman
  • 5th place: Emily Redelmeier

There were 11 candidates

March 18, 2001

  • 1st place: Jonathan Sparling
  • 2nd place: Jimmy Chui
  • 3rd place: Pavel Gyrya
  • Honourable Mentions: Ari Brodsky, Nicholas Martin, Al Momin

There were 13 candidates