Prospective Students

Please note: Undergraduate applications to all programs at the University of Toronto are done through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre. Please do not contact the Department for undergraduate admission application forms.

For inquiries about admissions into the undergraduate program in mathematics, please visit the myfUTure website.


General Information for Potential Students


  • The Preparing for University Math Program (PUMP) is a non-credit course specifically designed to introduce the participants to the background knowledge required for entry-level Mathematics courses in calculus and linear algebra at the University of Toronto.  PUMP is for those who want to close any existing gap between high school math and university level math courses. It covers algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus at the high school level. PUMP would also be beneficial to those who wish to review high school math before attempting university-level math or other science courses

Preparing for University-Level Mathematics

  • See link for a site we created for in-coming first year students to help review material before taking courses like MAT133Y, MAT135H/MAT136, MAT221, and MAT223:

MAT138H1 - Introduction Proofs

Introduction to proofs is a half-credit course that was designed for:

  • Students who intend to register in analytical courses but who have not been introduced to proofs in their high school program
  • Mathematics and Science students who are planning to take some of our more demanding courses like MAT137Y, MAT157, MAT237Y, MAT240, etc.
  • Students currently registered in other programs who are interested in completing a mathematical course on solving proofs
  • Students who complete the first-year computational mathematics courses but who hope to transition into more challenging mathematics courses

The course will provide students with plenty of practice on reading and reasoning in mathematics, finding and writing proofs and doing general problem solving.

Some elements of logic, sets and cardinality, relations and functions, geometry and number theory will be introduced along the course.