After following the "MindTerm's Java ssh client" link below enter in the Host: field and then click on the "Start MindTerm SSH" button. If you do not have Java enabled you will get a message at the bottom of the page.

After the Java applet is loaded you may be asked questions about the applet requesting additional privileges. You need to enable "Access required by terminal emulators and other communications programs", but you do NOT need to enable "Reading, modification, or deletion of any of your files" if you are asked.

If you use the default settings you should see a line with our protocol 2 rsa key's fingerprint:

openssh md5: 5a:08:02:dd:0b:db:8a:40:08:8c:29:ce:ab:3b:c4:2b

If this is not the fingerprint you are seeing then you should not trust that you are actually talking to

You can use the menus available on the MindTerm client under "File" to transfer files with "Scp File Transfer..." or "Sftp File Transfer...". These provide a graphical interface for file transfers. To do this you will have to grant permission for "Reading, modification, or deletion of any of your files" to the MindTerm client.

Here you can access a local version of MindTerm's Java ssh client.

We thank the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto for creating this interface to the MindTerm applet.