AppGate MindTerm

Note: This applet is provided for the convenience of members of the University of Toronto community. Use of this page by anyone else is unauthorized.


AppGate MindTerm is a Java implementation of a secure shell client. It is available free of charge for personal and non-commercial use. This page allows you to access MindTerm as a digitally-signed applet for Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can grant the signed applet permission to read or write your local files; this allows the applet to connect to any host, upload and download files, and enables many more features.

Alternatively, you can download the applet to your local disk, so that you don't have to retrieve the applet over the network every time you want to run it.

See the MindTerm User's Guide for more information about MindTerm.

Parameters for MindTerm 2.1 applet (remember that you should see a line in the MindTerm window with our hostkey fingerprint, namely
openssh md5: 5a:08:02:dd:0b:db:8a:40:08:8c:29:ce:ab:3b:c4:2b):



AppGate is a registered trademark of AppGate AB.

The University of Toronto Department of Mathematics thanks AppGate for making this applet available to the Internet community.

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