MAT137: Calculus!

University of Toronto 2020-2021

Do you think we have made an error in the grading of your assignment or test?

Before you ask for a regrade

Your grade is on Quercus and you can see your graded paper, with comments, on Crowdmark.

  • Read the comments the TAs made on your paper and think about them.
  • Read the sample solutions posted on the course website.
  • If we have posted an additional-comment file with common errors, read it as well.
  • Wait 24 hours, and do it all again. It will make more sense.

If you are very upset at how unfair we are...

Take a break and come back to it later. Seriously. Wait until you have cooled down before you contact us. You will be less likely to embarrass yourself, and you will be more likely to make a strong case.

We mark in good faith. We are not out to get you. We are not trying to keep the average down. However, we do maintain real standards (unlike most high schools). We do not reward effort, trying, or writing a lot. It is possible to have some correct ideas surrounded by a lot of bad ideas and bad writing, and then get 0 points. We reward demonstrated deep understanding, proper use of notation, and good writing. These are difficult. It is normal to be frustrated at first. Keep working at it, and it will slowly get easier with time and practice. We hold you to high standards because we believe you are capable of getting there.


If you ask for a regrade, we will regrade your assessment. Your new grade may be the same, higher, or lower.

How to ask for a regrade

Send one single email to "admin137 (at) math (dot) toronto (dot) edu".
  • Email from your utoronto email address only.
  • As a subject of the email, write exactly "MAT137 Regrade" followed by the assessment name. For example "MAT137 Regrade Assignment 3" or "MAT137 Regrade Test 2".
  • Include:
    • Your full name, as it appears on Quercus
    • Your student number
    • Your UTOR ID
    • The URL of your graded paper on Crowdmark. (You can find this by viewing your grade on Crowdmark, then clicking "Get sharable link". The URL should be of the form
    • The question or questions you would like to discuss
    • A detailed explanation of what you think the error is.
  • Don't include a screenshot or printout of your solution.

Unless we specify otherwise, the deadline to request a regrade is one week after the assessment has been returned.

For fairness, one single instructor will normally take care of all regrade requests for each assessment. We will get back to you within one week of the deadline. Be patient and do not spam us with repeated emails.

If you are not asking for a regrade, and you just want to understand better why your solution is wrong, how to improve, or how a correct solution works, feel free to talk to any instructor or TA during office hours. We will be happy to discuss what is wrong about your answer but we will not entertain the question "Do I deserve more marks?"