MAT137: Calculus!

University of Toronto 2018-2019

Do you think we have made an error in the grading of your problem set?
Did we add up points incorrectly?
Do the grade on Quercus and the grade on Crowdmark not match up?

Before you ask for a regrade

Your grade is on Quercus and you should have received en email from Crowdmark with a link to see your graded paper.

First, reread your solutions. If there are comments on your graded paper, read them. Read also the general comments about the problem set that we posted on the website, if any. Read the posted sample solutions. That will clarify many of your questions. If you still think we made an error, contact us. For fairness and consistency a single instructor will take care of all regrade requests.

How to ask for a regrade

Email Jeffrey Im at "jim (at) math (dot) toronto (dot) edu".
  • Don't email other instructors or TAs - email Jeffrey only.
  • Email from your utoronto email address only.
  • Include:
    • Your full name, as it appears on Quercus
    • Your student number
    • The URL of your graded paper on Crowdmark. (You can find this by viewing your grade on Crowdmark, then clicking "Get sharable link". The URL should be of the form
      Don't include a screenshot or printout of your solution.
    • The question or questions you would like to discuss
    • A detailed explanation of what you think the error is
  • As a subject of the email, write exactly "MAT137 Regrade Problem Set N" (with the corresponding number instead of N).
We get a large volume of email. If you do not follow these instructions exactly, your email may be ignored. If you follow them, Jeffrey will reply within 2 business days. Be patient and do not spam us with repeated emails.

If you are not asking for a regrade, and you just want to understand better why your solution is wrong or how to improve or how a correct solution works, feel free to talk to any instructor or TA during office hours.

Unless we specify otherwise, the deadline to request a regrade is one week after the grading has been returned.

What not do to

  • Do not engage in convoluted arguments via email. We are acting in good faith and not trying to trick you.
  • Do not ask us for partial marks for trying.
  • Do not ask us for partial marks for effort.
  • Do not fish for marks. "Is there any part of the paper where I can get more marks?" is a terrible question. Point to the specific place where you think we have made an error and explain why.