Israel Michael Sigal

Abridged Curriculum Vitae

1.    Fellowships, Awards and Named Lectureships

1989 - 1991 I.W. Killam Research Fellow
1992 The Jeffrey-Williams Lectureship, CMS Summer Meeting
1993 John L. Synge Award, The Royal Society of Canada
1993 Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
1997 University Professor
1998 Norman Stuart Robertson Chair in Applied Mathematics
2000 CRM/Fields Institute Prize

2.    Selected Invited Lectures

1979 International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Lausanne
1981 International Congress on Mathematical Physics, W. Berlin
1986 International Congress on Mathematical Physics, Marseille
1990 Address to the joint AMS, AWM, MAA & NAM Annual Meeting, Louisville, Kentucky
1990 International Congress of Mathematics, Kyoto
1992 The Jeffrey-Williams lecturer at the CMS Meeting, Toronto, Canada
1995 50th Anniversary Meeting of the CMS
2000 CRM/Fields Institute Prize
2013 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Computational Science, Waterloo, Canada
2013 QMATH12: Mathematical Results in Quantum Physics, Berlin, Germany
2015 Miramanoff Lecture, Geneva, Switzerland

3.    Former PhD Students and Postdocs and Their Present Affiliations

A. Former PhD Students

D. Pravica (University of South Carolina, Professor)
F. Ahia (University of Toronto/OISE, Professor)
I. Laba (University of British Columbia, Professor)
R. Pyke (Simon Fraser University, Senior Lecturer)
S. Gustafson (University of British Columbia, Professor)
M. Merkli (Memorial University, Professor)
B. Vasilijevic (Exel Tech Ltd., R&D Dept.)
F. Ting (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
M. Muck (University of Mainz and European Space Agency)
S. Dejak (TD Securities, Quantitative Strategy Research Group)
Z. Gang (CalTech)
T. Tzaneteas (Universitat Tubingen)
W. Kong (Scotia Bank)
I. Anapolitanos (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

B. Former Postdoctoral Fellows

A. Soffer Rutgers University
P. Hislop Univ. of Kentucky
S. de Bievre Universite Paris VII
J.-P. Solovej Copenhagen University
C.-A. Pillet Universite de Toulon
A. Sobolev University of Birmingham
V. Jaksic McGill University
Y. Strauss Hebrew University
L. Jonsson Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
G. Karali University of Crete
P. Lushnikov University of New Mexico
V. Vougalter University of Missouri
W. Abou Salem University of Saskatchewn
W. Bordeaux Montrieux
D. Egli Sensiron AG
A. Shao Queen Mary University of London
J. Gell-Redman University of Melbourne
M. Lein Tohoku University
S. Rayan University of Saskatchewan


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