SOAR 2000
Mathematical Sciences Summer Camp
ummer Opportunity in Applied Research  

Student Application Form


Family Name: ____________________________Given Name:___________________________

Sex (circle one):  M  or  F   Age: _____  Current Grade ______ Year you will start University: 200__


Street address: _____________________ City/Province/ Code:___________________________

Tel.: (____) _________________ E-mail address (if any): _______________________________


Name: _____________________________ Tel.: (____) _______________________________

Board: _____________________________ Fax: (____) _______________________________

Recommending Teacher

Name: ________________________ School (if not as above): ___________________________

1.       Transcripts of all your high school marks, including term marks for courses you are currently taking.

2.       A list of any contests entered or awards received in the past three years. Give dates, levels of achievement and marks awarded. Indicate if your rank is local, regional or national. Discuss academic, athletic, artistic, musical and other awards.

3.       On a separate sheet of paper give a one-paragraph answer to each of the 6 questions below.
Make sure you include your name.

a)      What mathematical and science experiences have you had (related courses, individual or group projects, etc.)?

b)      What is your attitude towards the mathematical sciences? Describe any highlights or disappointments in your mathematical explorations.

c)      What computer experience do you have (related courses, languages, software applications and individual projects completed, etc.)?

d)      Describe your participation and achievements in projects and science fairs. Were these team efforts? What role did the other members play?

e)      Describe your participation and responsibilities in school-related activities, clubs, athletics, etc. What non-school activities do you most enjoy and why?

f)       Why are you a good candidate for SOAR?

Print-outs (in PDF format)

SOAR 2000 Mathematical Sciences Camp
Department of Mathematics
University of Toronto
100 St. George St, Room 4072
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3

Direct your inquiries to the address above or:
Tel.:   (416) 978-3472
Fax:   (416) 978-4107

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