SOAR 2000
Mathematical Sciences Summer Camp
ummer Opportunity in Applied Research  

Teacher Recommendation Form

Student: _________________________ School: ___________________________________

The ideal SOAR participant is a bright, self-motivated student who has a strong interest in Mathematical Sciences and has the maturity necessary to benefit from learning in a university-style environment.  Please explain why you feel this student is a good candidate for SOAR, by addressing each of the following areas:

Exceptional mathematical or analytical skills:



Maturity and ability to work independently and as a team member:



Good communication skills and leadership qualities:



Other skills (e.g. Computer science):

(Note: If you are not the student's teacher in that area, please have that teacher comment here, including their signature.)


How well do the student's grades reflect his or her abilities?



Signature: _____________________Position:  _________________________________


Contact information

School Tel.: (____) __________________ E-mail (if any): __________________________

You may, if you prefer, e-mail your responses to the above to the SOAR 2000 coordinator at:

Print-outs (in PDF format)

SOAR 2000 Mathematical Sciences Camp
Department of Mathematics
University of Toronto
100 St. George St, Room 4072
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3

Direct your inquiries to the address above or:
Tel.:   (416) 978-3472
Fax:   (416) 978-4107

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