The old MAT135/136 webpages have been removed, since the winter academic term has ended.


The new webpages for the coming fall term will be posted here in September.


NOTE: For the summer courses MAT135 and MAT136, the textbook is: Single Variable Calculus (early transcendentals version, 7th ed), by James Stewart. Students should also buy the Student Solutions Manual which accompanies this textbook.


NOTE: Starting this September, the above textbook (7th edition) will be out of print and will no longer be available. Instead, the new 8th edition will be used starting this September.


NOTE to former MAT135/136 students: If you have been given special permission by the Faculty of Arts and Science to write the final exam of the summer course MAT135 (or MAT136) at the end of June as your deferred final exam, you should contact the summer instructor in mid-June to find out the exact date, time, location, content and format of his final exam.


For MAT135, please contact Daniel Soukup.

His e-mail:


For MAT136, please contact Chris Eagle.

His e-mail:


Please note that Anthony Lam is not in charge of any appeals, petitions or deferred exams.