MAT378, Foundations of Analysis

Fall 2004

Course web page:

Lectures: Tuesdays 15-17 and Thursdays 12-13 at North Building 139

Instructor: Ilia Binder (, South Building 4006, Phone: (905) 828-5418.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 12-13 , Thursdays 10-11, and by appointment. 

Tutor: Zohreh Shahbazi (

Tutoring: Monday, 9-10, North Building 139.

Required Text: Steven Lay, Analysis with an Introduction to Proof, Prentice Hall; 3rd edition (December 15, 2000).

Prerequisites. MAT102, (223, 224)/248, (242, 252)/258.

Topics. MAT378 provides a transition from calculus to real analysis. Topics include: rigorous treatment of fundamental concepts of calculus including limits and convergence of sequences and series, compact sets, continuity, uniform continuity, integration and differentiability of functions. Emphasis will be placed upon understanding and constructing mathematical proofs.
A more complete description can be found in the class calendar (

Homework. Bi-weekly homework assignments will be due on Tuesdays, starting September 21.  The assignments will be posted at

Midterm Test. There will be in-class midterm test on Tuesday, October 19. Practice problems.

Final. Tuesday, December 14, 9 - 12. Practice problems.

Grading. Grades will be based on regular bi-weekly homework(30%), the test (30%) and the final (40%). The lowest homework grade will be dropped.

Late homework will not be accepted. There will be no make-up midterm test or final, an undocumented absence will result in zero credit.