On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 8:05 AM, Juan Souto <jsoutoc@gmail.com> wrote:

hola from Helsinki,

I am, as everybody in this list, completely horrified by the whole Trump
thing. I am horrified by everything, but right now what is mostly in my mind
is how people I like and appreciate (or their families, or their friends)
might have horrible trouble if they leave the US to go home, or to go to a
conference, or if they want their families to visit, or I guess in all sorts
of life situations I can't or don't want imagine. There is not that much
that one can do, but at the very least one should make a point... maybe even
if it is a pointless point. Well, it is also not so easy how to make a
point, but one thing I can do is to expect from the "community" a clear
statement making clear that one does not approve that some people's
participation in scientific life is hampered for example because they come
from this or that country. So, for the time being, I am not going to have
anything to do with any conference (talks, organising, maybe attending)
which does not include some inclusiveness statement, e.g. something along
the following lines:

"This event is open to all interested mathematicians, independently of
national or ethnic origins, religious convictions, or other personal life

I see that the statement is purely symbolic... and that the grammar is
probably bad... and that nobody is going to give a shit if I go give a talk
or not... so the whole thing is doubly purely symbolic... but well, symbols
are the only thing I can see myself having a possibility to do.

(I still have basically told nobody about this, meaning for example that I
have for example not yet told to people organising conferences where I am
scheduled to talk, but I will do it next week, I guess.)

Anyways, I guess that I am writing you all of this to let you know (I guess
that also to say "hi" to you all) and I guess also because I would like to
know if you have anything to say.



P.S.: The next e-mail will be about math, I hope.