Approximate cube probability distributions and stats

This page contains information relevant after v. 179. Information which was available prior to v. 179 can be found here.

Some expected costs
Individual probability distributions

Vectors in R^2 denote the data set sizes for black cubes and red cubes, respectively. When there are no black cubes, we'll just drop the first coordinate. Each of these vectors will link to a more detailed data set.

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Accessories (1596, 1204) Badge (432) Belt (230) Emblem (302)

Thank you to everyone who took their time to carefully document their cube usage and share them. This page would not be possible without your contribution.
Prospective contributors

If you're interested in contributing in the future, please carefully read everything below. This is only for re-rolling legendary tier items with red cubes or black cubes. You may not contribute data if you answered "No." to any of those questions. If you answered "Yes." to all of those questions, here's what you can do to contribute.