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Some Dimensions of Spaces of Finite Type Invariants of Virtual Knots

Dror Bar-Natan, Iva Halacheva, Louis Leung, and Fionntan Roukema

Experimental Mathematics 20-3 (2011) 282-287
last updated Sun, 14 Apr 2013 11:23:03 -0400
first edition: September 28, 2009

Abstract. We compute many dimensions of spaces of finite type invariants of virtual knots (of several kinds) and the dimensions of the corresponding spaces of "weight systems", finding everything to be in agreement with the conjecture that "every weight system integrates".

The paper. v-Dims.pdf (source: v-Dims.zip), arXiv:0909.5169.

dim Vn/n-1 / dim Wn for ... round v-knots long v-knots descending v-knots
standard R23 mod R1 0,0,1,4,17 0,2,7,42,246 0,0,1,6,34
no R1 1,1,2,7,29 2,5,15,67,365 1,1,2,8,42
braid-like R23 mod R1 0,0,1,4,17 0,2,7,42,246 0,0,1,6,34
no R1 1,2,5,19,77 2,7,27,139,813 1,2,6,24,120
R2 only mod R1 0,0,4,44,648 0,2,28,420,7808 0,0,2,18,174
no R1 1,3,16,160,2248 2,10,96,1332,23880 1,2,9,63,570

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