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I understand Drinfel'd and Alekseev-Torossian, I don't understand Etingof-Kazhdan yet, and I'm clueless about Kontsevich

Montpellier June 3-4, 2010

Abstract. The title, minus the last 5 words, completely describes what I want to share with you while we are in Montpellier. I'll tell you that Drinfel'd associators are the solutions of the homomorphic expansion problem for u-knots (really, knotted trivalent graphs), that Kashiwara-Vergne-Alekseev-Torossian series are the same for w-knots, that the two are related because u- and w- knots are related, and that there are strong indications that "v-knots" are likewise related to the Etingof-Kazhdan theory of quantization of Lie bialgebras, though some gaps remain and significant ideas are probably still missing. Kontsevich's quantization of Poisson structures seems like it could be similar, but I am completely clueless as for how to put it under the same roof.

I want as much as your air-time and attention as I can get! So I'll talk for as long as you schedule me or until you stop me, following parts of the following 8 handouts in an order that will be negotiated in real time.

Montpellier Handout: m1.html, m2.html, m.pdf.

My Videos. Talk 1, Talk 2, Talk 3.

Further Handouts: Bonn-0908, Luminy-1004, Copenhagen-081009, Dancso on Furusho, Oporto-0407.

All Handouts in one big file: booklet.pdf.

Other Lecturers' Videos. Alekseev's Talk 1, Alekseev's Talk 2, Enriquez' Talk, Torossian's Talk, Furusho's Talk, Calaque's Talk.
Blackboard Shots for Burgunder's "Les idempotents de Lie et la conjecture de Kashiwara-Vergne":
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(sorry, my video camera run out of battery)

Pictures. Image Gallery: Places: Montpellier, June 2010.

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