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Finite Type Invariants of Ribbon Knotted Balloons and Hoops

Geneva Geometry and Topology Seminar, October 24, 2013

Abstract. On my September 17 Geneva talk I described a certain trees-and-wheels-valued invariant of ribbon knotted loops and 2-spheres in 4-space, and my October 8 Geneva talk describes its reduction to the Alexander polynomial. Today I will explain how that same invariant arises completely naturally within the theory of finite type invariants of ribbon knotted loops and 2-spheres in 4-space.

This talk will be self-contained and the only prerequisites for it are some basic linear algebra and having no fear of exponentials.

See the paper.

Handout: KBHFT.html, KBHFT.pdf, KBHFT.png.

Talk video:

Sources: pensieve.