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Caen Workshop on v- and w-Knotted Objects

Caen, June 2012

Organizers: Benjamin Audoux (Marseille I), Paolo Bellingeri (Caen), Jean-Baptiste Meilhan (Grenoble I), Emmanuel Wagner (Dijon).

Valeriy Bardakov, Jean-Baptiste Meilhan, Paolo Bellingeri, Sakie Suzuki, Benjamin Audoux, Karene Chu, Nathan Habegger, Dror Bar-Natan, Emmanuel Wagner, Anne-Laure Thiel, Adrien Brochier, Bruno Cisneros.
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See Also: The organizer's web site, blackboard shots, my notebook, the WKO website.

Wednesday June 6:
Thursday June 7:
Friday June 8:
My session was about the talk "Meta-Groups, Meta-Bicrossed-Products, and the Alexander Polynomial" I gave in Regina a week before. We watched the video from that talk and interupted it a number of times for comments, and at the end had a lengthy discussion with many more comments. See the talk page and handout and especially the talk video.
Saturday June 9:
(at Juno beach)
Sunday June 10:
(at Château de Caen)

June 11 Handout.
Monday June 11:
In my session we followed the handout "Some Details for the Caen Workshop, 1". See Details-1.html, Details.pdf, Details-1.png and the source files at Details.zip. (The other side was propaganda).
Tuesday June 12:

June 12 Colloquium.
Colloquium: My June 12 Colloquium on Cosmic Coincidences and Several Other Stories (the PDF and sources for the handout are at Tennessee-1103).
Wednesday June 13:
Thursday June 14: