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Plan aborted - talk not given

The Mysteries of BF

Banff meeting on Unifying 4-Dimensional Knot Theory, November 2019.

Abstract. The BF quantum field theory on one hand, and prior art regarding finite type invariants of w-knots on the other hand, suggest that there should be a "Kontsevich Integral" for general 2-knots in 4-space (of not necessarily the "simple" or "welded" or "w" type). Where is it? Why don't we know about it? Why aren't we studying it?

This will be a "large structures" talk. I will explain how several large structures fit together nicely in 3D and several other large structures show potential in 4D. Personally I prefer "every detail shown" talks. Sorry.

Handout: Mysteries.html, Mysteries.pdf, Mysteries.png.

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