Dror Bar-Natan's Image Gallery:Symmetry:Tilings:The *632 Group

A hex game board
A hex game board at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley March 2000.
A cactus seen on Walnut Street, Berkeley July 2000.
Water pipes
Water pipes at a construction site on Arch Street, Berkeley July 2000.
A bicycle light reflector
Assaf's bicycle's light reflector, November 2000.
The Studio Building
Entryway to The Studio Building, downtown Berkeley, March 2000.
MSRI sink drainer
A sink drainer at MSRI, March 2000.
A Safeway cart
A Safeway shopping cart, Berkeley, March 2000.
Mercury Sable speaker
Built-in speaker on a Y2K Mercury Sable, June 2000.
A footstep in the sand
A footstep in the sand, Rehovot, August 2000.
At Pizza Uno
Floor tiles seen by Dylan at Pizzeria Uno, Harvard Square, October 2000.
A hot pad
A hot pad and a coffee pot, November 2000. (Respect shape but ignore color)
A table from Damascus
A 19th century table from Damascus, seen at the Islamic Museum, Jerusalem December 2000.

A 30-60-90 triangle

The quotient orbifold for the group *632 is a disk with order 6, order 3 and order 2 corners on its (reflecting) boundary - that is, it is a 30-60-90 triangle made of a transparent material.