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The 442 Group

Tie at SFO
A Nature Conservancy aligator tie at a Tie Rack store, SFO June 2000.
Floor tiles at Lalushka
Floor tiles at Lalushka, Jerusalem Mall, September 2000.
An incent burner
Sharon and Yizhar's incent burner, December 2000.
Bathroom tiles at the Kazhdan's
Bathroom tiles at the Kazhdan's, August 2001.
A paper towel
A paper towel seen at MSRI, June 2000.
Sidewalk tiles
Sidewalk tiles in Siegen, Germany, January 2001.
External wall tiles
External wall tiles on a building in Rehovot, February 2001.
Mosaic in Caesarea
A braided mosaic in Caesarea, January 2002.