Dror Bar-Natan's Image Gallery:Symmetry:Tilings:The 2*22 Group

A brick wall
A brick wall, Oxford St. between Cedar and Vine, Berkeley March 2000.
Metal grating
Metal grating near Evans Hall, home of the UC Berkeley math department, March 2000.
Ashby BART tiles
Floor tiles in the Ashby BART station, Berkeley June 2000.
The Prudential Building
The Prudential Building, Boston June 2000.
Greg and Rena's picnic basket
Greg and Rena's picnic basket, July 2000.
A brick partition in Tel Aviv
A brick partition in Tel Aviv, August 2000.
Wall of the Academy of the Hebrew Language
Outside wall of the Academy of the Hebrew Language, Jerusalem October 2000.
Wall of Har HaMenuhot
Outside support wall of the Har HaMenuhot cemetery, Jerusalem October 2000.
An old radio
Yizhar and Sharon's old radio, December 2000.