Dror Bar-Natan's Image Gallery:Symmetry:Tilings:The 2222 Group

A fence
A sports field fence at UC Berkeley, June 2000.
The anteater cage
The anteater's cage at the San Francisco Zoo, July 2000.
Tire threads and a lemur
Tire threads and a lemur, at the Jerusalem Zoo, September 2000.
Bed cover and Annie
A bed cover and Annie, November 2000.
Road tiles at Bethlehem PA
Road tiles at Bethlehem PA, June 2000.
Corolla brake pedal
The brake pedal on a Toyota Corolla, July 2000.
A fence
The fence around the Berkeley Adventure Playground, August 2000.
Sarah Reznikoff shirt
A pattern on a Sarah Reznikoff shirt, Berkeley August 2000.
Toilet paper
Embossed pattern on a Hogla-Kimberly brand toilet paper, October 2000.
A pothole cover
A pothole cover in Siegen, Germany, January 2001.

A square pillow

The quotient orbifold for the group 2222 is a sphere with four order 2 corners - that is, a square pillow (or rectangular, or parallelogram-shaped)