Zicheng QIAN

I am a postdoc of mathematics at University of Toronto. My mentor is Florian Herzig.

I received my PhD in July 2019 from Universite Paris-Saclay (Orsay) under the supervision of Christophe Breuil.

Here is my thesis.

Research interest:

Number theory and Representation Theory, moduli of local Galois representations and p-adic Hodge theory, mod p and locally analytic representation theory of p-adic reductive groups.

Publications and preprints

A note on mod-p local-global compatibility via Scholze's functor, (with Kegang Liu), 8 pages. (pdf).

Moduli of Fontaine--Laffaille modules and a mod p local-global compatibility result, (with Daniel Le, Bao Viet Le Hung, Stefano Morra and Chol Park), 169 pages. (pdf).

Dilogarithm and Higher L-invariants for GL3(Qp), Represent. Theory 25 (2021), 344-411. (pdf).

On mod p local-global compatibility for GLn(Qp) in the ordinary case (with Chol Park), 112 pages, accepted by Memoires de la S.M.F. (pdf).

Email: zqian AT math.toronto.edu


Mailing address:
Department of Mathematics,
University of Toronto
40 St. George St., Room 6290
Toronto, ON, M5S 2E4

Office: 215 Huron, HU1012A


Fall-Winter 2021-2022: MAT137 -Y L0201 Calculus

Fall-Winter 2020-2021: MAT137 -Y L0201 Calculus

Winter 2020: MAT224-W L0301 Linear algebra

Fall 2019: MAT223-F L0701 Linear algebra