MAT246 - Winter 2015
Faculty: Vitali Kapovitch 
Office: HU 1023
Telephone: (416)-978-6786
       Office Hours : Th 2-4 pm and by appointment

"He who asks is a fool for five minutes,
but he who does not ask remains a fool forever".

-- Chinese Proverb
Teaching Assistants :
Gaurav Patil
Office: HU1012
Telephone: 416-946-3911

Office Hours : Tu 2-3 in the 10th floor lounge of HU

Chia-Cheng Liu
Office: HU936

Telephone: 416-978-7510
Office Hours : M 2-3 in the Math lounge on the 6th floor of BA

General Info


Both of the TAs will also  continue to hold their regular office hours until the Final.


Term Test

Final Exam  

Homework Assignments

HW 1
HW 2
HW 3 HW 4
HW 5 HW 6
HW 7 HW 8
HW 9